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All have single-graded cuts which were probably produced by use of a chisel and then hardened using powdered antler or horn, a practice described by Theophilus. Other Types of Tools There are a few types of tools for which we do not have surviving examples in the archaeological record. However, workshop debris and literary references provide additional clues. Pole Lathe Diagram of a Pole Lathe We know that the Viking Age woodcrafter had access to a medieval type of “power tool” which is known today as a pole lathe. A pole lathe is a simple wood turning lathe which is itself made of wood. The tool is powered by the springiness of the “pole” or green limb, and the action of a person’s foot on the treadle. The motive power is a foot, with a return spring the pole to counter rotate the work.

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Antique Furniture These situations are common occurrences for antique collectors, restorers and store owners. It is important for those interested in antique furniture to be aware of the types and styles of hardware used on a specific piece including the material and design. It is also helpful to know where to find original and high quality reproduction hardware for antique furniture. Original Hardware for Antique Furniture There are several types of businesses that carry, and often specialize in, original hardware for antique furniture.

These include architectural artifact companies, antique hardware shops and some antique stores.

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The three shelves are double mortised through the sizes with a real nice half circle cut, the wood is pine and poplar all square nail construction circa 11″ deep x 32″ wide x 50″ tall SB12 Ladder Back Pennsylvania early 19th century Child’s Chair with original red paint unclean surface. Triple ladder,with great turned finials The Chair still retains it’s original seat circa D76 19th century Child’s diminutive Stepback Cupboard with the original pumpkin paint,two plank doors with bread board ends, square head nail construction, cut out feet.

Great size for a table top cupboard or a hanging cupboard. Lapped seams and bentwood swing handles. Original red Varying wear. Great Turned Legs with Bold Turned “Cannon Ball” Finials , shaped headboard, original blue paint, D72 19th century Pennsylvania , original dry blue painted rope Bed, block-turned posts , mortised head and footboard, ,very sturdy when set up , circa RM Rare pair of Paul Gibson sleeping Canvasbacks original paint, show signs of being hunted over.

Mr Gibson only made a few pairs of canvasback sleepers. Circa Original paint with early working touch ups football body style with fluted paddle tail and inlet head, tack eyes. American Trencher in original robin egg blue paint, nice wear, Rare to find an authentic early trencher.

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How to tell the age of antique furniture Shelly McRae Updated February 21, Determining the age of antique furniture is not an exact science, but there are certain indicators of age evident in furniture. How a piece is constructed is a common measure of age. You should look at the screws, nails, wood, joining and hardware. The condition and quality of materials are used to gauge the age of a piece.

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Aug 29,  · Handled door the need of furniture accessory Door Handles are perfect accessories for the main door or the door opened to bedroom, to the balcony or the garden. The door handles provides the perfect pull to open or close the fixed handles are popular and is available in a wide range of choices and patterns.5/5(2).

Teak finish, modern look Form Five was a range of modern furniture in a simple minimla style introduced around the end of the 60s and exbanded in the early 70s. Gomme dropped the range by the mid 70s.. See also G-Plan ranges to Your comments “Hi. We have been clearing my mother’s bungalow. She has some nice pieces of ‘s G-Plan Tola and black with brass fittings in good condition with just a few scratches.

Where is the best place to sell and what sort of price should we ask? There is a dressing table, chest of drawers, sideboard and dining table with 6 chairs which have been recovered I do have photos. However, condition is everything. I would advertise them separately, not as one lot. Is ebay the best place for me to sell this, what starting price should I put?

Early Casement Window Furniture

Reconstruction Origins of interior design The art of interior design encompasses all of the fixed and movable ornamental objects that form an integral part of the inside of any human habitation. It is essential to remember that much of what today is classified as art and exhibited in galleries and museums was originally used to furnish interiors. Paintings were usually ordered by size and frequently by subject from a painter who often practiced other forms of art, including furniture design and decoration.

Sculptors in stone or bronze were often goldsmiths who did a variety of ornamental metalwork. The more important artists had studios with assistants and apprentices and often signed cooperative work.

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Furniture Handle Styles More than just a functional device, drawer and cupboard handles or knobs can provide both a decorative fillip to a piece of furniture and useful clues in dating it. The earliest forms of furniture didn’t really need handles and it wasn’t until drawers came into general use in the 17th century that handles became a decorative element in a piece of furniture. The metal mounts on imported Chinese furniture were an inspiration, and ca ly handles were usually made of cast brass.

Much about the date of a handle can be learned from the material itself, as well as the way it’s shaped. Brass made before often had an unattractive, pitted look. From that date, lead was added to the mix of copper and calamine to produce a metal with a softer feel. It’s less shiny, and more yellow than brass made after around

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Back stamp numbers provide the most accurate furniture dating. During World War II, the majority of Kling Factories capacity was under contract to the U.S. government to produce gunstocks, barracks lockers, and an oak bedroom furniture in a utilitarian style.

See Article History Alternative Title: Furniture ranges widely from the simple pine chest or stick-back country chair to the most elaborate marquetry work cabinet or gilded console table. The functional and decorative aspects of furniture have been emphasized more or less throughout history according to economics and fashion. Chairs are always for sitting in, but some are more comfortable or highly ornamented than others.

Accessory furnishings are smaller subsidiary items such as clocks, mirrors, tapestries, fireplaces, panelling , and other items complementary to an interior scheme. Photograph by Jenny O’Donnell. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Thomas W.

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