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Keira Knightley is breathtakingly beautiful. Take Colette, whose book Gigi was adapted into a movie musical that won nine Oscars in , including best picture. Written and directed by out director and fellow Englander Wash Westmoreland Still Alice , Colette is a tribute to his late husband and collaborator, Richard Glatzer, who died from the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS. Well, thank you very much! Is there a special relationship between gay directors and female actors such as yourself that helps in telling a story like this one? Yes, I think so. When it comes to the male gaze, is there a difference in having a gay director direct a sex scene? But I still think male sexuality in all of its forms is probably slightly different from female sexuality, so there are probably still subtle differences. Knightley worked with gay director Wash Westmoreland, whose partner Richard Glatzer suggested the biopic soon before he died. Wait, what the fuck?

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Keira Knightley was purposely misunderstood to perpetuate a well-worn trope on female relationships Read her actual words, and not the words you want to see. We stand and watch the TV screen. She was out of hospital seven hours later with her face made up and high heels on. The face the world wants to see. Hide our pain, our bodies splitting, our breasts leaking, our hormones raging. Seven hours after your fight with life and death, seven hours after your body breaks open, and bloody, screaming life comes out.

At the height of her popularity, Keira Knightley was crumbling behind the scenes. In , the Brit beauty was 22 years old and promoting two films — the blockbuster trilogy ender Pirates of the.

Tweet Pin Keira Knightley is an outspoken feminist and has fought for equal representation in Hollywood and beyond. However, she isn’t just concerned with how women are portrayed on-screen; she also has a bone to pick with the IRL societal pressures so many women face. And one “pressure” that’s particularly plaguing Knightley is the unrealistic expectations of what women should do and look like after giving birth — the old and dreaded “bounce back” concept. Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who made public appearances hours after giving birth to all three of her children.

In Knightley’s recent essay entitled “The Weaker Sex,” she made a point of criticizing the Kate for yielding to these silly standards. See Ya, Maternity Leave: Hide our pain, our bodies splitting, our breasts leaking, our hormones raging,” Knightley wrote. Seven hours after your fight with life and death, seven hours after your body breaks open, and bloody, screaming life comes out.

Stand there with your girl and be shot by a pack of male photographers. However, others — including Knightley — believe the Duchess of Cambridge simply caved to the aforementioned standards. Simply because it’s what was expected of her. So which standpoint is right? Well, both — and neither.

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But you can just call her Colette. She is one of the most fascinating queer women to ever have her history recorded — and boi did she ever have it recorded! In the earliest biographies after her death, Colette was painted as a victim who survived an abusive first husband and paid the price for divorcing him by being driven into stage-acting, poverty, and the arms of women.

Before you go see Keira Knightley portray her, here are eight things you should know about her life. He posed as a writer, but never wrote anything at all.

In the movie, lead actor Parminder was the star player, backed up by a then unknown Keira Knightley, reports The Sun.. The low-budget movie was a surprise smash.

Edit “When I first read the script, I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh, this is going to be easy! I’ll sit in the back of carriages, I’ll wear pretty dresses, I’ll pout a bit; it will be fun. As Keira Knightley stated, “Elizabeth is a 21st century girl stuck in an 18th century world. Elizabeth has a modern outlook. She is strong and very independent, and when she’s faced with some terrifying obstacles and daunting choices, she kicks ass! They considered every imaginable female lead, from famous faces to complete unknowns.

But after meeting Knightley, they saw in her that certain something, an indescribable quality that radiated from the year-old, reminiscent of motion picture stars from Hollywood’s heyday. I really enjoyed it. Elizabeth had a connection to each of the main male characters. Originally believing it to be a role where she’d sit in the back of carriages, Knightley never imagined the amount of stunt work she would do.

Despite that, Keira was disappointed, however, that she never got to undergo sword training like her fencing co-stars; she fought with “candlesticks, poles, even with a bedpan While filming a scene from The Curse of the Black Pearl where Elizabeth had to ” walk the plank “, Keira Knightley stood on a plank for two days, later admitting to be “absolutely petrified” by the experience.

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December 4, , 9: As the former editor-in-chief of numerous publications, including Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, it could be argued that Fuller is a feminist icon with regards to her overwhelming presence in popular culture media. She is currently the editor of HollywoodLife.

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An Alternative Guide to Great Movies: Pathe Archant Films with re-watch value, movies with a unique quality, will become the classics of the future. Arts editor Andrew Clarke presents a series of idiosyncratic suggestions for movies that may entertain if you are in the mood for something different. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Pathe The Duchess; dir: Keira Knightley as Georgiana, the independent-minded Duchess of Devonshire, entertaining friends at a family party in The Duchess.

Pathe Most bio-pics are about people who all ready have a public profile. The marketing for the movie is all ready built-in. The Duchess is different. You come away from this film thinking: All he wants is a male heir.

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As did Andrea Riseborough. Just lettin ya know. Anonymous Saoirse Ronan will not be in Anna Karenina. The 5th and 6th Pirates will be good if Depp is going to be in them. As a fan of the films and both stars, I understand that they want to do different things.

Keira Knightley recently posed topless in Interview Magazine as her own personal protest against photoshopping. Knightley told The Times she demanded the (not safe for work) photos be unedited so.

POTC is full of torn love stories. OST was announced I had read a couple of things. It was meant to be relaunch. On Stranger Tides is the name of a novel by Tim Powers and that Disney almost optioned the novel at the time of the first film and passed but I read it several times and there are many ideas from it that are sprinkled across the series. The relaunch made sense to me because in theory, if I was right about a redemption arc, then the logical course would be to dive further into Jack’s past and then use those things to eventually catch up to Will and Elizabeth to “set things right”.

OST featured Angelica, Jack’s own love-torn revenge story which seems unfinished , from a women who feels she has been done wrong by Jack. In truth, we don’t know if she bares any responsibility on her own fate But more over, Philip and Syrena provide a “solution” to the Will and Elizabeth dilemma, as a clergy boy falling in love with a mermaid is quite “ideal” to become the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, as the job is to “ferry the souls of the dead” to the other side However, DMTNT has now found a work-around, but it still is diving more into Jack’s past with the compass and the Trident the trident first appears in young Jack Sparrow novels for kids.

Jack’s Uncle could also feed into unused plots from OST novel, and of course the final scene post credits, basically “resets” many curses and thus it’s possible they have to revisit a Davy Jones dilemma again and find a solution that is not Will–thus Philip could still come into play here. And at the end of the day, we see that Kiera Knightley’s comments in particular are false, whether it’s that she didn’t want to tarnish her career, she knew there was a possibility, but wanted to discourage the audience to surprise them, or she was also paid the right price.

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From Country Living Only a few days after Kate Middleton made her first post-maternity leave appearance , the Duchess of Cambridge is being attacked for another one of her notable appearances-the one she made just hours after giving birth to Princess Charlotte in According to The Guardian , Keira Knightley, another Brit, had her daughter Edie a day before Charlotte was born, and the actress was NOT happy with how Kate presented herself to the world hours after giving birth. View photos Photo credit:

Apr 14,  · Keira Knightley interview about Pride and prejudice,Matthew Macfadyen and Pirates of the Caribbean.

But some glass ceilings proved difficult to shatter for the literary sensation. Why did you want to portray Colette? Colette had female lovers and had what I suppose we would call a transgender lover. She felt that it was her right to experience pleasure and to give pleasure. Nadav Kander for Variety In the film, Colette revels in her celebrity. Do you have a different relationship with fame?

As an actor you sometimes get to be the person that you want to be as opposed to the person you are. Do you still get stage fright? I know what it is now. Do you see parallels between the barriers that Colette faced and the rights that women are advocating for today? There certainly are parallels.

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In fact, he’s the voice of the Harrods tannoy. I would hate to lose that anonymity. It happened for a while with Spooks. No one notices me now. For a while, Macfadyen, born in Norfolk, ran the risk of having a very different sort of career. After boarding school, Rada and several productions with the Cheek by Jowl troupe, he landed the role of MI5 section chief Tom Quinn in the first two series of Spooks, and started popping up in the red-tops and weekly gossip mags.

Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan were in a relationship from – James “Jamie” Dornan is a Northern Irish actor, model, and musician. He played Axel von Fersen in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette, Sheriff Graham Humbert in the ABC series Once Upon a Time and serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC Two crime drama series The Fall.

It’s been almost 15 years since Love Actually came into our lives, and in some ways, it’s as if fans have only become more obsessed with the feel-good British romcom. Each year, we’re blessed with trivia around the iconic cast, random facts about production, and “bet you didn’t know” tidbits surrounding various character subplots. The latest to make waves on the internet? A specific detail concerning Keira Knightley and one of her tinier co-stars from the hit flick. Universal Knightley played uber-oblivious bride Juliet, who gets caught in a love triangle between her husband and his Best Man.

At the time of filming, Knightley was Meanwhile, Thomas Brodie-Sangster played young Sam, the stepson of Liam Neeson’s character, who is grappling between mourning the death of his mother and falling in love for the very first time. Now, if you were to guess the age difference between the two — adult Knightley, who just walked down the aisle — and little Sam, what would you say?

Well, prepare for this. Which means there was a five-year age gap between him and Knightley. He’s now 27, and she’s One particularly profane tweet highlighting this fun fact has been retweeted more than 29, times. Meanwhile, another highlighted that little thing called puberty.

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Knightley told Ellen that both movies were banned in her house because one depicted a helpless woman waiting around for a rich man and the other revolves around a woman giving up her voice for a similar rakish smile and pair of fitted tights. The outrage and solidarity, to what is after all a rather inconsequential statement, has seen the usual culture wars teams line up.

The left that I assume the cool left similarly disinvite to their gatherings have held Knightley up as a flawless goddess, rather than just an actress who revealed a bit of personal information during the promotional effort for her new film.

See all Keira Knightley’s marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Keira Knightley news, gossip, and biography. Keira Knightley is currently married to James Righton. She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately years each. Her one marriage has lasted years so far.

I mean, the songs are great, but do not give your voice up for a man. Which is honestly worse because, at least for me, while it is fun to engage in feminist discourse about Disney Princess movies, we must begin from the reality that with very few exceptions none of these movies deal with feminist issues. The things I internalized from Disney about beauty were more important than the things having to do with relationships, because I learned that I found the princes or generic dudes to be … well boring.

There is a reason people love The Beast and not Adam and that the men attached to these women are not in media the same way. What has always most been lacking for Disney Princesses are character journeys. Most of the time the women are perfect and avatars for the growth of their partners or trying to escape their parents. Tiana is the first princess to have to work for a living, not out of servitude, and have actual goals and aspirations. Brave allows Merida to understand the value of both traditionally masculine and feminine skills when it comes to politics.

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