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The first episode of the latest season, broadcast on CCTV on Feb 19, is about a variety of cookware used in Chinese cooking, including the famous iron wok and bakeware made of stone. Cookware is the foundation of Chinese cooking, but people often forget about its importance in forming cooking techniques, said Liu Hongyan, chief director of A Bite of China III. Ji Chi, who works in New York, said: Also, it is surprising to see that there are so many Chinese cuisines that even Chinese people know little about. She has watched the previous seasons at least twice, she said. Besides cookware, it also covers the themes of snacks, banquets, diet therapy, chefs, dim sum, food associated with traditional Chinese solar terms and fusion cuisine. Ms Liu said she wants people to admire the beauty of Chinese food while discovering the rich culture behind it.

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Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports covered that event but not one revealed how England first gained control of Hong Kong. Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoons exclusive rights to drug an entire nation. David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon monopoly rights to all manufactured cotton goods, silk and most important of all — Opium — then the most addictive drug in the world.

The Beginning of the Opium Trade In the beginning, David Sassoon wanted to trade cotton cloth with China in exchange for tea, but the Chinese did not want the cotton that Sassoon wanted to trade. At the same time, Britain had an insatiable appetite for Chinese tea, but the Qing Dynasty and its subjects did not want to buy anything that the British produced.

miao and chinese migrations into china The Miao claim to have migrated into China prior to the Chinese and there are many evidences that support such a claim. Ch’ih Yu, the third emperor, was the chieftan of the Li tribes who are part of the Miao race.

Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Ensemble. Even famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma must get bored with his job. In , the musician organized the Silk Road Ensemble, a collective of musicians from around the world. His objective was vague at first, but Ma imagined a transcendent meeting of minds — musical geniuses sharing their traditions and creating something fresh. In each of these places, we see musicians in their homelands playing instruments that may seem exotic to American eyes and ears.

Spaniard Cristina Pato, for example, performs on a gaita, a traditional Galician bagpipe.

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Sandy is the young, feisty, ambitious Chinese woman he finds online. This engaging documentary follows their tumultuous love story. MORE For years, twice-divorced airport garage attendant Steven has been writing to numerous women through an online dating site that specializes in connecting Western men with Asian women.

At times, his pursuit seems like utter fantasy.

Here’s the trailer on Youtube for the documentary film, presented in German (folks in China, you’ll need a VPN to view it): I’ve also discovered an excellent interview with Sung-Hyung Cho about the film.

Nearly a decade ago, blogger Jocelyn Eikenburg noticed the lack of online stories about Western women in relationships with Asian men. But she had a unique perspective on the situation after falling in love with an Asian man while teaching in China. Over the years, the blog has transformed into an advice column and community of readers who discuss a broad spectrum of interracial and intercultural relationship issues.

It has become a resource for people who struggle against cultural norms to keep their love strong. I entered my first interracial relationship about 10 years ago with a handsome African-American man. He and I had worked at the same after-school program years earlier, so I was happy to see him again when we reconnected one night at a waterfront bar. He was so handsome with big muscles and an even bigger smile — and we made each other laugh.

I had an extra ticket to a reggae show that weekend, so I invited him, and we had a blast dancing together. A few days later, when he picked me up for another date, I introduced him to my roommate. She made a big deal of him and even asked him to turn around in front of her so she could admire him. I shook my head as I watched him be a good sport, laugh, and twirl.

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International Women’s Day China’s ‘leftover’ women How a growing number of Chinese women are shunning societal pressures to marry — and the labels attached to them. He says that as she doesn’t have a husband and child, there’s no point. Surrounded by noisy groups of older men and rowdy students she sits alone in a flowing white dress, her wavy air tumbling over her shoulders as she eats. She is 38, but could pass for a student.

Watch VICE News Tonight on HBO weekdays at The U.S. joined with Russia, China and North Korea in rejecting cyber pact.

These minute lecture presentations, each with an accompanying slide presentation that can be controlled separately, are part of an introductory course on China for undergraduates at Harvard. Taught by two of the leading scholars of the China field — professors Peter Bol and William Kirby — the presentations provide background for teachers and students alike.

Suitable for secondary school classrooms, especially AP-World History courses. The link above leads to the main course page listing all 37 lectures. Scroll to Lecture Achievements and Limits of Manchu Rule, Lecture Opium and the Opium Wars, and Lecture

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The body of Lady Dai [special to chinadaily. When people gaze at the body, they cannot help but wonder, how did they do it? The complex painting inside [special to chinadaily. China has always fascinated the world with its rich culture, and numerous mysteries and treasures buried deep under the earth and the sea. The Diva Mummy invites viewers to ponder one of forensic archaeology’s greatest mysteries:

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Filipino breakfast — Adobo — Lots of meat, marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic…with rice! Tocino — Pork belly the fattiest, tastiest bit! One thing that shocked me, however, was the choice of breakfast food. I will never haggle like a Filipino Growing up in Africa, I had plenty of opportunities to observe my parents negotiating down the price of everything from fruit and vegetables, to decorative woodcarvings and even ahem speeding tickets.

So obviously some of this bargaining power must have rubbed off on me, right? Bargain smile and exhausted vendor! For Kach, everything is a potential discount, matter how small. She will quite happily spend half an hour trying to negotiate 5 cents off the price of an apple and then perform a victory dance on upon completion of the deal!

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A lacustrine core located in arid and semi-arid area was investigated. Abstract Dating lake sediments in arid and semi-arid zones by using Cs and excessive Pb Pbex methods is challenging because of the irregular climatic variations and anthropogenic effects. Here we try to establish the reliable geochronology of the lacustrine core drilled from Lake Ailike northern Xinjiang of China by using Cs and Pbex dating methods and improve our understanding of the principal factors that affect the dating results.

The results indicate that it is important to normalize the Cs activities by particle size and organic matter in order to diminish their enrichment effects on Cs activities and thus help us to obtain the accurate Cs ages. The performance of the sediment isotope tomography SIT model is better than the other Pbex-derived models.

LoveScout24 is the second best online dating site in Germany. The site was started in under the name People United. LoveScout24 is available to users in Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria, with around 1 million active members in Germany alone.

China’s mysterious sky graveyards CNN — A skull pokes out of a coffin made out of roughly hewn planks of wood, its smooth white surface catching the reflection of the winter light flooding into the dark cave. It’s one of about 30 caskets anchored on a limestone rock about 30 meters almost feet up the side of a cave in Guizhou province in southwestern China. It could date back hundreds of years. The coffins, inside and out, are littered with fragments of clothes, bones and ceramics. For three decades, Wong How Man, a Hong Kong-based explorer, has been hellbent on chasing coffins like these in gravity-defying graveyards across China in an attempt to discover more about this unusual burial custom.

Wong, who began his career as a journalist with National Geographic, first came across a group of coffins perched 90 meters feet up a cliff face in southern Sichuan, to the north of Guizhou, in during an expedition to track the Yangtze River from mouth to source. A life-long obsession was born. The coffins rest in a variety of formations, sometimes barely visible from the ground below. They’re lined up in the crevices in the cliff face, balanced on wooden cantilevered stakes, placed in rectangular spaces hewn in the rock face or stacked high up in caves like those Wong saw on his latest coffin-chasing expedition to Guizhou.

The oldest are said to be in the eastern province of Fujian, dating back 3, years. There’s no clear reason why this practice took place. Ancient literature from the Tang Dynasty suggests that the higher the coffins were placed, the greater the show of filial piety to the deceased. Others say the reasoning was more practical: It prevented animals from poaching the bodies and kept land free to farm.

Hanging coffins: China’s mysterious sky graveyards

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“The Bling Ring” author Nancy Jo Sales debuts her first documentary, “Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age,” on HBO at 10 p.m. Monday. The doc paints a bleak picture of modern dating, and captures remarkably candid interviews with something men and women on .

There are about 5, cinema sites in the U. According to a recent survey, 13 percent of Americans go to the movies about once a month, seven percent go see movies in the movie theater several times a month, whereas 31 percent go less than once a year. This is a considerable share taking into account the 52 percent of American adults who prefer watching movies at home. Film entertainment is big business in the United States. It is expected that the film entertainment business will generate Among film studios, Buena Vista achieved the most in — it held the largest market share , approximately 26 percent, and generated the highest box office revenue , over three billion U.

In , movies were released in North America , with drama being the most common genre amongst movie releases in the region. Until now, the most successful movie franchise in the region was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which generated over four billion U. With a total of four awards, Katharine Hepburn set the record for number of Oscars won by an actor. This text provides general information. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct.

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Shop Now In the past few hundred years, the Bible has been under severe attack by scientific and philosophical skeptics of all sorts. In this scientific age the most-attacked book of the Bible has arguably been Genesis, particularly the first 11 chapters. Long-age geology, big-bang cosmology, secular archaeology, liberal theology, and philosophical attacks on miracles in the Bible have deceived many people to believe that the Bible is not true and therefore cannot be trusted.

One of the major attacks on the Bible in the past three hundred years has been directed against Moses and his authorship of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament Genesis—Deuteronomy. Such attacks on these foundational books of the Bible come both from non-Christians as well as professing Christians.

Five single people try to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, hanging out and hooking up.

Backers and only backers will get to vote between Japan, Brazil and England! About the film In , a year-old Christian single released a revolutionary book on dating. Through the connective platform of social media, Harris has been dealt a battering of online criticism from disenchanted Christians in recent years. Harris has felt pressure from all sides to do or say something. How did this film come about? At the time it had a profoundly positive impact on me.

While I was still in high school and beginning life as a young adult, its teachings made total sense. As a single Christian female approaching 30, I began to question the effectiveness of the book’s teachings in my own life. I was doing everything right, where was my future husband? Despite having these questions, I stayed connected to church and my Christian friends.

As a graduate student with a background in filmmaking, I felt compelled to respond to the growing frustrations I saw in my fellow believers who grew up reading books such as I Kissed Dating Goodbye and were now feeling let down by its teachings. I wanted to make a documentary so a greater spectrum of Christian voices could be heard on this important topic that affects all of us.

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